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Projects Featured in the Members' Gallery


This section provides notes on projects highlighted in the Members' Gallery.  Members may submit work for consideration by contacting LKG.


Designed by Marianne Kinzel in 1951, 64 Yrs ago.

It was #2 of the "Artistic Needlework Publications."

Printed in Newcastle upon Tyne and sold for 20c (1/3).


Lew bought Rachel Schnelling's pattern in Denver CO. in 1959 from Snowgoose Yarn Store.


Niebling 10/2 Tencel US 1 

Krokus (Feuerbohne)

This pattern may be found in the February 1989 Anna Magazine, and has been reprinted in the 2011 BuchVerlag fur die Frau folio entitled Schone Spitzen, ISBN 978-3-89798-335-9.  In the Anna Magazine it was called "Krokus" and in the reprint it is called "Feuerbohne."


In the 0289/33 Anna magazine pattern, part of the chart is missing:
Row 79 - end with k2tog, yo, k4
Row 81 - end with yo, skp, k3
Row 83 - end with yo, k5
Row 85 - end with k6


For more information on knitting this piece, visit OceanKnitter's blog.


Designed and knit by Eugen Beugler.


Mitteldeckchen was a featured pattern in the Lacy Knitters Guild Newsletter #78-2011-2


The edging for this design came from a Swedish pattern.  The same outer leaf motif was used on Mr. Beugler's Anemone, featured in the Members' Gallery.



New Doily 2012

Designed and knit by Eugen Beugler.


Gene's friend at The Knit Shop was getting rid of cones of silk so he took one home and experimented with it, resulting in this.  The center is from a doily he knit for Lisa. The next section (leaves) is borrowed from an old Swedish tablecloth pattern, and the outer part is from a Niebling.


He said the silk was like cotton twine.



Rundes Deckchen Mit Fächerrrand
Petit Chevalier 3

Designed and knit by Eugen Beugler, created from the Chevaier Collar by Marianne Kinzel.


The Chevalier Collar was a featured pattern in the Lacy Knitters Guild Newsletter #83-2012-3


An interesting juxtaposition of two doiles knit from the same pattern, the first by Eugen Beugler and the second by Mande Boublitz.


This decorative lace doily pattern was in the LKG Newsletter, #53-2004.


Mr. Beugler changed the straight inside edge of the border to triangles. He often creates as he's knitting, and draws the charts afterward.

Designed and knit by Eugen Beugler.


This pattern was in the LKG Newsletter, #65-2008. It was known as Marguerite Shimmons #542.  The original pattern was Rundes Deckchen Mit Fächerrrand, by Burda Design Team.




SINCE 1991
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